Life at Some Point

Hey, I’m Jocelyn. I just graduated very a great university in May 2017. Within the course of a month I moved back home with my parents, spent about half of my savings on fast food, submitted hundreds of applications for real- like adult jobs, and started working at a theme park (the only application I heard back from).

I can say that my life isn’t necessarily at the point I thought it would be at.

But, that’s me. Who are you?


We’re all living “Life at Some Point.”

One quirky fact is that my favorite topic is Sociology, and the concept of this blog is founded in the concept of Social Location. “Social location is a set of information that determine an individual’s place within his community. Many factors determine our social location, such as race, gender, socio-economic status, education, etc.”

You see, not only are we currently experiencing different points, but we’ll experience these different points at different times in all of our lives.

Every point is different; some points being on top of the world and other points being pretty low. Then again, some of us experience some point in between every hour of the day! Some points are personal, while other points are a direct result of the world and society around us. Some points are isolated, while other points are interconnected. Most importantly, these points tell YOUR story- they can even change our story!


So, with the newly introduced free time on my hands, I realized that a place for expressing and sharing these points in our lives can be therapeutic and life- changing for everybody: those sharing their stories and those simply reading the stories. That’s why I decided to make this my very first post.


Acceptance, Admiration, Adoration, Affection, Afraid, Aggravated, Alive, Alone, Amazed, Amused, Anger, Annoyed, Anticipation, Attachment, Attraction, Awkward, Betrayed, Blessed, Bothered, Carefree, Cautious, Certain, Challenged, Cheerful, Clueless, Committed, Compassionate, Complacent, Courage, Confident, Conflicted, Curious, Defeated, Desire, Detached, Determined, Disappointed, Distracted, Doubtful, Embarrassment, Empty, Enlightenment, Envy, Exhausted, Expectant, Fascinated, Feisty, Foolish, Fortunate, Free, Frightened, Frustrated, Fulfilled, Furious, Gratified, Grateful, Guarded, Guilt, Happy, Hatred, Heartache, Hesitant, Homesick, Hopeful, Humiliated, Hurt, Impatient, Infatuated, Inferior, Inspired, Intimidated, Intrigued, Irritated, Isolated, Jaded, Jealous, Joy, Jubilant, Liberation, Lively, Lonely, Lost, Love, Lucky, Lust, Mad, Meditative, Mellow, Mischievous, Miserable, Motivated, Moved, Nervous, Offended, Optimistic, Outrage, Overwhelmed, Pain, Paranoid, Passion, Peaceful, Pessimistic, Petty, Playful, Pleasure, Positive, Powerful, Powerless, Protective, Proud, Rattled, Reassured, Regret, Relaxed, Reluctance, Sad, Satisfied, Secure, Self-Conscious, Sensitive, Serene, Shame, Silly, Sincere, Skeptical, Sorrow, Sorry, Speechless, Spontaneity, Stressed, Strong, Sure, Surprised, Tense, Thankful, Thoughtful, Tired, Torn, Touched, Traumatized, Triumphant, Troubled, Trust, Uncertainty, Upset, Vindictive, Weak, Wonder, Worry, Yearning, or Zeal.

I’ve been through ALL of these points and more.


I want whoever happens to read this post (and eventually this entire blog) to be brought from a weak point to a point that’s a least a bit better, if not motivated and encouraged.

So whatever point you’re in right now (yesterday, last week, 2 months ago, or whenever!), it doesn’t matter, comment below!



Jocelyn Simmons


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