My Heart is “BLUE”

How do you describe the incredible?! The number of laughs we shared. The number of hours we worked. The number of times I said, “No sè.” The number of new friends I have. The number of tears I cried. My new brother.

“Because of you, we don’t have to carry buckets [of water] on our heads.”
This past week, 92 families of El Limòn gain the access to clean water and no longer have to carry buckets on their heads. This past week 14 of my newest and greatest friends found what it means to live our best life and live in the moment- each moment. This past week I fell in love with my authentic self and the soul within. This past week, I was truly left speechless.

This week has changed my life- it’s changed my life in such an incredible way!
El Limòn, you gave me so much more than I could ever express; I love you. Thanks to Florida State Alternative Breaks and BLUE Missions for a life changing spring break that could never be compared to!

BLUE Missions and everyone in DR, tu eres mi corazon!


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